Life @ SPIT: Mini Project Demonstration

An energising ambience was seen at Sardar Patel Institute of
Technology, Andheri on the occasion of the Mini Project Demonstration for the
3rd year students of the Department of Electronics.

This was the final presentation of the Mini Projects after the
mocks. Ergo, all the projects were expected to be in working condition with
their output debugged of all errors.

About 20 projects were to be presented and thus the atmosphere
was permeated with knowledge and innovative thought. The ideas were
demonstrated practically by motivated students. Each group presented well and
all of them were beneficial to different fields. Some were designed through
fresh ideas showing potential while others were praiseworthy applications of
existing theories and experiments.

Many of these projects aimed at optimum use of available sources
of renewable energy. The notion was defined by a group which considered
harnessing the wind energy that gets generated when automobiles move on roads.
To be precise, a turbine would rotate due to the wind created when a vehicle
swiftly drives past it. This rotation can be later used to generate
electricity. Though the electric energy is limited, it can be used to light roads
in the absence of daylight.

A security-oriented and futuristic approach to Image processing
was implemented by a group of students who displayed a vision of creating 3D
representations of objects using laser. This idea has applications in field of security
and product design.

The Sun is the ultimate source of energy. But we fail to consume it to the
fullest. Solar panels are used to generate electricity using sunlight but this
mechanism is less efficient. Electricity is generated only if the sunlight is
directly incident on the panels. Ergo, when the sun changes its position over
the course of a day, the process efficiency is affected. With a view to
increase the efficiency, a separate mechanism was developed to move the panel
as per the position of the sun. Although this was not a successful project, the
idea was appreciated by the authorities and students.

Some ideas emphasized on making our lives easier and safer.
Automating air-filling in tires through a new mechanism was one such idea.
Owing to different reasons, vehicles’ tires get deflated often. Accidents may
occur due to such deflated tires. The system developed to fill air in these
tires automatically uses a pressure sensor that continuously monitors the air
pressure in the tire and a switching mechanism enables the inflation, only if
the pressure is below the required safe limit. The inflation would stop as soon
as the safe limit of air pressure is achieved. Thus, passengers’ safety is continually
ensured. This time-saving mechanism inarguably managed to hit the spot with all

All these projects were instrumental in impressing the external
supervisors. Also, the HOD of Electronics praised the students for the efforts
embodied by them. Summarizing everything, the event was a grand success and managed
to astound the audience well.

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