Life of a Security Guard

I don’t know what these guards are guarding us from. I see them everywhere. I wonder what they are thinking whole day sitting on that chair looking into empty spaces. They see the whole world pass by at least 24 times in a day. People fight, smile, argue, celebrate in front of them but never really notice them; their presence has become so obvious to everyone.

The most likeable person in every institute/organization is the guard. They might have had a fight with their wives a night before but you would still see them smiling every morning. We don’t smile back that’s a different thing.

You would see them sitting under open skies on an extreme winter night when they are on a night shift but never care to ask them whether they need anything – a blanket or a cup of tea.

Heists don’t happen every day/night, so I don’t know how they keep themselves alert and motivated all the time when they know that chances of something untoward happening is very less.

If they ask you for your identity cards every time you enter the office/college premises you shout at them but all they are doing is their duty which is asked of them by their supervisors.

From one shift to another shift, sometimes they end up working 7 days a week without a break. So if you find some guard dozing off during his duty, blame it on the inhuman schedule under which they work.

Outside a jewelry shop there are 2-3 guards sitting and chatting and you wonder these are the people responsible for the security of thousands of crores of worth of money inside the shop. One day a burglary happens and then the first finger is pointed towards the guard that he is involved in the theft. But did you ever appreciate the fact that nothing happened in his tenure as a guard of that place all these years? Now suddenly he is responsible for everything.

The worst part is most of these guards are hired on contract basis and are not even permanent employees of the organization.

It is a thankless job where getting appreciation is too far and between. All you get is abuses of people and peanuts in salary.