Life is a Maze

Life is an orchestration of diversified ways of survival. For every path there is an entry point and an exit or a dead-end. To find the only exit point in presence of so many dead-ends is the sole aim of the wanderer. For the self-growth, the most necessary aspect is self-realization, i.e. to identify one’s own abilities. It is this self-realization that enables a person to bring radical changes for his overall development. But, as it is destined, a person has to undergo multiple tests before choosing the correct path to the finish point. These tests determine a person’s character and his capabilities to face twists and turns of life.

Analogous to a maze, life has diverse messages that increase a person’s intellect to take a just decision. To capitalize on the right decisions and to learn from the wrong ones is the trait of a warrior who can fight against any odd situation to make life worth living. As in a maze there are many people who at the same time are stuck at some or other point and help each other, in the same way, there are people, who, at different instances of life, help each other to overcome the obstacles.

Following the not-so correct ways there is a surety of achieving popularity, but again, not everything that is popular is acceptable and ethical. To choose a wrong way of leading life is cheating oneself and tangle into the trap created by our own deeds. Being ethical and true to our own spirit, is the only way to connect to the Almighty, who for sure will enlighten us to choose the correct ways of life.

If it is not serpentine, it is not the right path to success!