Life @ IIT Delhi: Split Painting Competition

The Fine Arts and Crafts Club staged its competitive event “Split Painting” on Wednesday the 16th. With participation capped at 39 teams, an enthusiastic turn up by 35 teams was encouraging and is strongly indicative of the passionate interest in the fine arts harbored by the students.

The theme for the event was “Paradigm Shift” and the task was to portray the same in multiple paintings that form split parts of a collective whole. The participants came up with diverse ideas and interpretations that really led to an overall richness of ideas with interpretations ranging from the rise of Socialism to the advent of the Facebook era, from the empowerment of modern woman to the drift to mobile phone-mania. The aesthetics and creativity was equally laudable and some were truly striking works of art.

The invited judge for the event was Malvika Jain, who comprehensively scored the paintings and was personally impressed by the standards of art in the event. Unfortunately, there were severe problems in deciding whether the paintings complied with the quoted rules and if they were permissible in spite of having won according to the judge. Many great paintings would have been disqualified if all requirements, some rather petty, were fastidiously exacted to the letter and rather undeserving ones would thereby have won leading to a tarnishing of the spirit of the club. So, in a specially organized meeting, a consensus was reached that the event be declared non-competitive and therefore non-contributing to the BRCA competitive points tally.

Nevertheless, the winners of this event were:

1st: Zanskar

Kshtij Sharma, Sachit Tandon, Devang Agrawal , Ishan jindal , Gaurav Chordia

2nd: Nilgiri

Deshant Fusate, Aniket Shah, Arjit Mahajan, Avinash Patel, Viraj Nistane

3rd: Kumaon

Mukund Rungta, Aditya Kumar, Karan Chouhan, Kumar Shanu, Jeetu Raj

This article was first published on the IIT Delhi Student Blog, Board of Student Publications