Life from a different angle

Let me ask you a question ,in what position you want to see yourself after some years ?May be as an respected executive in a big multinational company or establishing own business or may be something much bigger than that right? But can you imagine yourself as a happy farmer ? Today’s youth is totally inclined toward high profile lavish lifestyle. Everyone wants to be in a prestigious position. Appearing for competitive examination or studying abroad, we all are trying our best to acquire a position in the sky that we always dream about in our leisure thoughts .Generally Even if our parents try to discuss with us about the our own native farming lands, we just don’t feel that interest .Because we though it’s just not our forte. It can’t give that lifestyle what we want. But the truth is It can ,bestow such prestigious life that is beyond our imagination.

Let me tell you some stories of the Lords of the lands who wrote there career with golden letters of agriculture.

Anil Mittal: Please don’t confuse with the Mittals’ of the Bharti. He is the owner of KRBL rice brand, with the 2100 crore turnover . With the rice band like India gate he blends the aroma of basmati rice in our food plates. This is the first basmati rice company to receive the Foreign investment of 27 crore in 2006.After rice ,now this rice baron is looking for establishing a refinery to introduce the rice bran oil of its own brand.

Jang Bahadur Singh Sangha : it was his father who started potato cultivation in 1960s, but he took it to another level .After receiving the degree in plant physiology and pathology from Cornell university he set up a modern tissue culture laboratory on his farm about 20 years ago. At that time he joined his father and started innovation with agriculture. Now with his magic wand he is one of the leading potato and maize exporter of India , and The king of 5000 acres of farming land in Punjab and nearby areas .

Anil Agarwal : With 2100 crore turnover he is the one and only director of the Sawaria agro ,one of the leading soya product and edible oil producing company in India. His family had been in the commodity trading and milling of pulses since 1950s. After lots of ups and downs now this company is looking for some international tie up and ready to be a global player.

Apart from this glorious pictures there is another part of the society where Indian agriculture is in so distress that the farmers can’t afford normal meal three times day. But these peoples are the reasons that we can food. India needs innovation ,young fresh mind dedicated to agriculture, so that every crop can be cultivated without any fear. So that every farmer can feel the pride of being a farmer like engineer or doctor.