Life at SIMSR – Student Diary #4 – Soumya Mishra

It has been an interesting journey that started off with me quitting my job, followed by numerous crests and troughs that made me realise my actual potential which encompasses a myriad of skills that was lying latent somewhere in me.

Yes, it was 4th December 2015, last working day at my first job, when I decided to take a new path to live my aspirations. I needed to extend my horizons and hence, I decided to go for an MBA. At this point in time, all my friends were already working in big companies.

I channelized all my inner strength and started preparing for one of the toughest exams of our country, yeah! You guessed it right, our beloved “CAT”. The target was to score well in CAT so that I could be a part of a prestigious B-school.

Exactly after a year of uphill battle, I appeared for CAT ’16. Since it was my first attempt at CAT, I was afraid. What if I messed up?

Finally, fear got the best of me and I lost the battle with CAT. I was determined to not give-up hence I reinvested faith in my potential and started preparing for CMAT. My hard work and persistence paid off with my CMAT score of 98.87%. I cleared the threshold percentile required for KJSIMSR and this is where my SIMSR journey began. The process of final selection took its course and as a result, I was awarded a rank based on which I chose PGDM- IB at SIMSR.

When I entered the college, I got to interact with some very good intellectual minds, there was a time that I was so afflicted because it was hard for me to match the high standards set by the current students. But the experience during the rigorous committee selections not only made us realise our shortcomings but also gave us the way to understand our real potential.

SIMSR is in the heart of Mumbai, and it offered me a plethora of opportunities, not only in terms of the events that happened on campus, but it also proved remarkable in terms of industry exposure. From the very beginning, we had a chance to sit for some thought-provoking sessions which helped me to get familiar with the current industry jargons and other relevant concepts. Learning at SIMSR is not limited to the classroom, case studies, assignments, and meeting the deadlines instead it extends its realms to the wholesome development of an MBA student that adds a different flavour to the entire experience.

Soumya Mishra

Batch 2016 – 18