Life at SIMSR – Student Diaries

MBA is not just a degree. It’s not just a course. MBA is an experience where one learns to be better aware of one’s potential. It’s a journey where you learn with people and from people. A holistic approach to be better at your work, an MBA moreover is a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical understanding.

A typical day in SIMSR is all challenging, exciting, enriching and fulfilling. It is peer to peer learning, building strong relations and expanding your network. We will not sugar coat the reality and hide the hardships that tag along. Initially, there is going to be nervousness and exhaustiveness. There would be instances of you juggling with assignment deadlines, committee work, and event preparations. But these are opportunities to adapt and evolve. One gets better at multi-tasking, time management, handling conflicts and adverse situations and moreover, working in a diverse environment. One learns to be responsible and accountable for their actions and have a sense of purposefulness in the work that they do. SIMSR offers an array of opportunities for its students to excel and grow in various fields that range beyond classroom learning.

This process of learning and growing along widens the scope of development for any individual, instilling in them a sense of confidence and shaping them to be ready for the challenges ahead. An MBA is a unique experience that would stay with you for a lifetime!

Stay tuned to know what our students have to say about their life at SIMSR so far!

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