Life at IIT: A fresher’s insight

Every IITian in this nation has worked rigorously to get into the institution s/he is in now. If you ask any of them whether it was worth it? They would all say YES! 

What happens at IIT remains at IIT. If you think IITians are hardworking, 24 hour-geeks, sleep-deprived and study most of the time, then you are very wrong. IITians aren’t hard working but smart working., just like any other college student.

So, I too had to burn the midnight oil for a tardy 2 years to get into IIT Guwahati (IITG). I was a normal student, “non-KOTAian” and studied for 4-5 hours daily. (Yes, you read it right, 4-5 hours of study can get you into IIT.) After my 12th board examinations, I scored average marks in JEE Mains that shook my world apart, but JEE Advanced 2015 was a game turner. The paper pattern was at a whole new level, but somehow I pulled it off, and now I am writing this article sitting in one the best engineering institutes in the country.

IIT came as a surprise to me. Students were a lot cooler than I thought they would be. Professors are a lot younger than I expected them to be(some exceptions exist). The only thing that disappointed me was  that the girl to boy ratio was 1:10, which means almost zero chances of finding a girlfriend.

The past 6 months in the institute have been packed with several big scale phenomena. During Techniche, the annual techno-management fest, and the inter hostel cultural championship we proudly proved that IITians can be photographers, actors, singers, dancers and what not. But life isn’t always a bed of roses. After these good experiences came the mid-semester and end-semester exams. Just 6 months ago, we were the best academicians in India and now were struggling to just pass in a physics test

But in all, was my 2 years of hard work worth it? YES! It was. 

You can read a contrary view to this article here. 

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