Life at a College in USA

Have a moment to think about the important decision that you have taken recently? The massive adjustments needed after enrolling to your dream college is something to consider now. Let’s have a look into how life would be in one of those colleges in USA where you are going to spend some valuable years of your life. This college experience is a time to study and prepare yourself for the future years, in which you would be a successful individual. These years will not only teach you how to learn new things but also show you the real ways to deal with life. You would experience dormitory life, social and fraternal groups, academic competitions and community service projects that will help you to grow and face situations in life.

Life at a college in the US is what everyone craves for; let us get a glimpse of Harvard University in Cambridge. Students live in the university-provided housing that belongs to another age and time, which is referred to as a house. Breakfast is served every morning around 7:30 – 10:00 am in the House dining hall. The classes usually start at either nine or ten in the morning. Harvard terms the Major as Concentrator and it has a requirement that all its students take classes in eight core areas, but any specific classes is not compulsory. So all students must take a science class, but they have their own choice. This requirement originates from the college’s liberal arts tradition, which focuses that competent college education requires broad perspective and depth of intellectual maturity.

There is no professional training in Harvard; classes can last for an hour or go up to three hours, usually finishing around five in the evening. Students have to take four classes each semester and there are two semesters every year. Some well known courses taken up are in History, Government, Economics and Biology. The short courses are taught in a discussion format while the longer courses are taught in a lecture format. The most interesting fact is, in the first week of each semester students choose classes and decide on the Four that they wish to take up.

Harvard also offers a variety of extra-curricular activities. Starting from Music, the list includes future builder choices in Business, Law and Medicine. You have an option to get involved with the cultural, social or public-service organizations around the campus.

Like any United States’ Colleges, Harvard too is competitive in every field. This drives the students to accept life as it comes. The Harvard community is very diverse with different people, cultures, experiences, knowledge and wisdom meeting at this one point. The best part of any place in the world is when the people are good and can create and atmosphere of learning. Harvard is an all rounder academic institution; however its community appreciates challenges and high-achievements in any area, and so it could create leaders in many different fields in the world.