LIBA Global Experience #2 – Anurag Shah’s French Dream at Kedge Business School

LIBA gave me this wonderful experience of student exchange program which I would rate as one of the most cherished memories of my life. Actually, going for an exchange program was always in my mind when I was deciding to take admission into this prestigious B school. So, it was during one of the months before my summer internship placement was about to begin when I started shortlisting the various colleges I can apply to. LIBA provided me with a lot of options to choose from as it had collaborations with many foreign universities. Finally, 5 students chose Kedge Business school Marseille, France.

After getting selected for this prestigious program, the application process started. With utmost guidance from the concerned faculty we were all set to go in April 3, 2017 i.e. after our 1st year. We got this unique opportunity to go for our student exchange for 1.5 months and the rest we utilised for doing summer internship. This was also the first time in LIBA where we got the opportunity to do the exchange program as well the summer internship which helped us in our final placements. Marseille is a port city and the second most populous city of France. It was a beautiful city with our college located in one of the most serene environment. The whole program was a unique experience for us where we had lots of fun in learning our subjects.

We had taken two subjects i.e. Climate Change & its impact on Business and Marketing strategies two very relevant subjects currently. We used to have 2 classes each day for 1 month which gave us enough time to visit other places as well. This trip was not only about the academics. We got a lot of international exposure getting to know people from different nationalities and understanding cultures. Our classroom had students from across 10 countries sharing their experience on various topics.

We also went around 10 countries in Europe in about 10 days which was such an awesome experience. It was all about management from day 1 be it regarding planning the trip, organising the whole tour, controlling your expenses and then finally being safe in a foreign locale. It was not at all a smooth journey but then each one of us got to experience a lot of things both good and bad. It was really a life changing experience for me which has made me a more matured and responsible person.

I would highly recommend everyone for student exchange program and LIBA provides you an excellent opportunity for this.

Anurag Gabriel Shah

LIBA | Batch 2016 – 18