Lessons for Life: Learning from Failure

Failed at something?

Worrying about how to cope with the recent failure at a project, test or a business deal?

Upset about it?

Failure may be upsetting at times, but did you know there are indirect benefits involved too? Many successful people are of the opinion that all instances of failure are not damaging; sometimes they teach us important lessons for life. To fail is natural and there is nothing to be ashamed about it.

While a failure may be the resultant of a big or a small mistake, it may also occur due to unfavorable circumstances. But then, the implication of failure is not that one should give up. Failure is not the final defeat. It requires one to reflect deep inside, correct mistakes, and fight back with better preparation.

It is true that society doesn’t reward defeated people. No one praises a failed attempt; no failure is counted as a milestone. But then, one must not forget that these are just the parts of a journey. Giving up will do no good. If Thomas Edison would had given up, invention of the light bulb would have taken a few more decades. But he was determined not to admit defeat even after a 1000 failed attempts. He avoided accepting the prospect of failure until he succeeded.

Just like Edison, aiming for success instead of compromising with failure will help us in giving performance, way above mediocrity. When a plan is success driven, failure is a non-option; even if it is there, the force of dedication and passion will diminish the chances of defeat. If we look at examples of business tycoons, sports legends, actors or scientists; it is evident that they used failure as a powerful tool to sharpen their skills in reaching great success.

Some failures are inevitable and can leave a good impact on our lives. But when it comes to failing, a negative reaction is detrimental to the effort we are making. One important element that stands in our path to success is our ego. When things go wrong, the sensitive ego gets trampled and it looks for excuses to save face. This denial of failure may lead to moving away from the right track towards our goals. However, there is one savior that will prevent matters from going out of hand- it is our ability to adapt. It is about accepting and celebrating failure, making mistakes and retaking risks to chase our goals. It is about learning from the breakdown and refueling ourselves to walk on!

We must endeavor to develop a fearless mindset to keep filling the tank. There must be attempts to stay positive. Revisions must be made with greater preparation- but the most important of all, we must be ready to say NO to failure!

Disclaimer: This article has been written by a member of Corporate Communications Team at Fortune Institute of International Business and doesn’t reflect the views of the Institute.