Leonardo O’scarred’ for life

After being nominated thrice in the best actor category for the academy awards, Leonardo DiCaprio has finally been honoured with an Oscar in his 25 year long career.

He has received the accolade for the visually magnificent masterpiece, The Revenant, directed by the Mexican director, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. The director also received an Oscar for the film and hence has achieved this feat for the second time as he did for Birdman last year.

It was unequivocal of social media news feeds to be flooded with posts mentioning Leonardo and his long awaited triumph. The actor, who shot to international fame in 1997 for the epic Titanic directed by James Cameron, has been nominated for a total of 161 awards winning 45 out of them. His choice of philosophically inclined roles and diligently justifying each character has earned him genuine respect and love over his progressive career.

At the age of 41, DiCaprio remains unmarried giving all he can to his profession. Undoubtedly, he is and will be one of the finest artists of all time.

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