Learn the right problem solving methods for JEE Advanced 2016

Do you often find yourself in a quandary while solving problems? Even after thorough preparation, you end up getting the wrong answer? The fault lies in your problem-solving technique. It is a common problem with most entrance exam aspirants. Plancess has come up with another enlightening episode of TOFFEE.

In Season 1 and Episode 3 of TOFFEE, our experts explain the right problem-solving methods. In this episode, they will tell you the right approach for attending a particular problem.

How to get every answer right?

To get every problem right, do the following:

1- Before attempting the question, read the problem carefully

2- Analyze and understand the problem/question correctly

3- Try innovative technique; don’t stick to the old-school way because you never know what might work.


The Plancess Edusolutions user is id @plancess. This article was originally published on their blog JEE-Mag, and has been lightly edited for clarity.