Learn from Industry Experts – CXO series at Bennett University

Bennett University launched its CXO series to provide its management students with an opportunity to interact with industry stalwarts that shall help them evolve as better candidates when they join the workforce. The idea behind the inception of the CXO Series for its management students is to give them access to top practitioners in their fields, imparting knowledge on issues that relate to real-world businesses, apart from traditional in class lectures and case discussions.

With the advent of the CXO series, Bennett University has hosted several esteemed personages like Mr. Suresh Narayanan (Managing Director of Nestle India), Mr. Atul Suri (Associate Vice President in HR and Communications of Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited), Dr. Ashima Goel (Professor at IGIDR & Member of PM’s Economic Advisory Panel), Mr. DP Singh (Vice President and HR Head- IBM India / South Asia), Mr. Samiron Ghoshal (Senior Partner, KPMG India), Dr. R. Sukumar (Founder and CEO, Optimal Strategix Group Inc.), Mr. Aditya Chaudhuri (Managing Director in Communications, Media & Technology of Accenture India) and many more.

The students were acquainted with business related topics like issue of monetary policy transmission and leading macro-economic indicators in India, skills that management students need to focus on in order to be employable, leveraging cognitive technologies to provide business solutions, understanding the power of data analytics, indispensable role of customer centricity, growth prospects in media and technology and much more.

The various speakers talked about their journey in the industry and how they were able to reach the positions they are currently at. It is undoubted that each and every individual makes their own path in the industry and learn from their mistakes, but with the help of the CXO series, the students certainly became aware of the roads not to be taken. It was indeed compelling that most of the speakers directly or indirectly wanted to convey the importance of being ethical, honest and diligent during one’s career. They wanted to inform the students that it is alright to make mistakes and to explore and take risks, but an individual should never hold back. The speakers wanted to assure that every person should take the leap of faith especially if they are confident about it and willing to work for it, even though it means starting from the scratch. The speakers shared such valuable insights that are otherwise difficult to garner until one has been part of the industry for as long as they have.

By taking the initiative of launching the CXO series, Bennett University is very well moving towards achieving its vision of “ producing ‘life and career ready’ professionals”. The students of Bennett University were intrigued by the various sessions and interactions they had with the industry experts. They were enthused to have had this opportunity to personally interact and listen to the experience and knowledge that the speakers shared during the sessions. The success of the CXO series is owed to the joint effort of the students and the faculty.