Leadership seminar held at IMI Delhi suggests bright future ahead for HR

IMI, New Delhi conducted a Leadership Marathon, organized by distinguished Professor Dr. Asha Bhandarker, under the many leadership cultivating seminars that the institute hosts on the campus. The marathon was a full day event on the lines of solving Live Case Studies and significant insights from industry stalwarts like, Mr. A D Burman, Head Learning and Development Maruti Suzuki, Mr. Himanshu Misra, Head Campus Relations and Academic Interface, Axis Bank, Mr. S K Bose Head Learning and Development IOCL and Mr. R Anand, Head HR HCL Technologies.

The full day session was divided in two halves, ranging from solving cases, industry insights and interactive sessions with the Director General Debashis Chatterjee along with the esteemed speakers. The session included the industry stalwarts and discussed the role of a HR manager in an organization. Discussing various business problems like attrition, training etc., the speakers laid stress on the fact that the Design Thinking Analytics is coming through in a big way. According to them, there is a constant debate on the HR’s role of either being business or supportive. They laid emphasis on the fact that today’s generation practices an individualistic approach but should realize that intangible attributes like managing relationships and the ability to gel with the team.

With the world shifting from the manufacturing industries to a more corporate oriented approach, indeed, the HR world is thriving in this ever dynamic and VUCA world. This dynamism can be seen in the shift of context and continuum in the various organizations. The profession of HR has come a long way and is in cohorts with the organization due to the factor called ‘human’. But, one must always remember the human mind can never be replaced and that is why HR has a good future ahead.