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We, the students of LBSIM, would be providing a glimpse of How is it doing an MBA from Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, New Delhi. We would not be able to sum it all through this one channel but would like to mention few of the important initiatives and activities which we do differently and make us stand among top management institutions in the country today.

When you enter the Lal Bahadur Institute of Management, Dwarka campus, you would be welcomed by an abstract yet attractive infrastructure all set to transform you into a clear headed dynamic leader of tomorrow with its highly structured, effective & proven methods of management education. The day starts with students grabbing a copy of leading business news daily right at the gate and start discussing the issues & developments with their peers & faculty members.

Believing that by only studying in the classrooms will never turn us into a true leader, At LBSIM, One day of every week is set aside as the Corporate Interface day which gives us the flexibility to undertake live projects/industrial trips and presenting papers at various National /International conferences. Students have undertaken live projects with prominent brands like Nielsen, Harley Davidson, Future Bazaar, Mother dairy etc. In addition to this, students have presented various research papers at IIM Lucknow, FMS, MDI and other prominent B-School conferences.

An initiative which we all are really proud of and is an attempt to unveil the ground reality of our villages, the students have embarked an initiative called Knowing the real Bharat. With the vision of improving the lifestyle & sanitation facilities of villages, LBSIM has started a Rural Project catering to these objectives which is being conducted over a duration of 12-18 months. While interacting with village residents, teams tried to identify the problems being faced by them and also tried to infer the coordination between the villages and Government initiatives. Our students, explained the village residents about various initiatives taken by the government like MNREGS, Agriculture loans, Cattle and Crop- Insurance. Click here to know more about this project.

SPARSH, a student body of LBSIM works for the welfare of the underprivileged sections of the society. We, in our own little ways, try to lift up the lives of the downtrodden of the society-and bring back the precious and refreshing smile on their faces. The club is associated with Jaagriti-an NGO & NAB (National Association of Blind). Click here to view Picture Albums.

To nurture the entrepreneurial spirits in its students, LBS Business Incubation Centre was established in 2010 in association with a Boston based Venture Capitalist firm. LBSIM is one of the few B-schools in India to offer deferred placements for a period of 2 years.

Now focusing on the group studies and peer learning, the fact that most students have taken accommodation nearby, it ensures that late night study gatherings are not uncommon. Add to this an enthusiastic peer group and you end up exceeding your own limits, growing and learning day in and day out.

Talking of Group Leaning, Fun at LBSIM begins from the very first week with the commencement of cultural week through which students not only show their ethnic diversity but also their creativity on stand out day, face painting day and finally the Romeo Juliet day wherein students choose their partners and make their way to become best couples of the day through a series of fun driven contests. Click here to catch a glimpse of the cultural events at LBSIM.

We look forward to each day, the lessons we learn every day and the change it brings in, all of this with a strange fear of missing out on even a second of the experience at the institute. In the end, it wont be wrong to relate life at LBSIM with a road trip. You cover a lot of distance each day, exploring new horizons & meeting new people. Yet theres this amazing feeling of calmness all around.

Placement Update (2010-12) – Placements for the current batch at LBSIM has been very BULLISH in contrast to the fears of another economic slowdown. .As of now, more than 85 % of the batch is placed in diverse sectors with some new major recruiters like Exxon Mobil, Sony, MuSigma, Ernst & Young, IFFCO, Continental group to mention a few.

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