Law and Legal Studies

Law seems to be one of those fields that promise a successful career, a bit of fame and knowledge in a complex field that reaches all sides of human life. Also known as “legal studies”, the discipline of law deals with issues and conflicts related to society and morality. A student will learn about civil and common law, equity and, maybe, religious law. The knowledge may be applied in the judiciary, legislative and executive institutions, the military and the police, bureaucracy or the civil society.

A degree in law can be earned at a Bachelor, Master or Ph.D. level with specialisations in international law, business law, property law, human rights, labour law, civil & private law etc. Based on your interests you can choose a specialist program or can go for a Bachelor of Law (LLB). Once you have chosen the course, you need to decide the country where you want to study depending upon your needs and affordability. In this article, we shall discuss about EUROPE AS A DESTINATION FOR STUDYING LAW.

There are a lot of students who want to study law but at the same time don’t want to be confined to only one state. In such cases studying European law is the solution. Studying European Law means that you will be studying the law of European Union as an institution. One will have to study the history of the EU, its development, and functioning along with the structure of the main Institutions, their functions, competences and influence. Studying in Europe has its own merits like
1. Excellent Educational system
Europe has a long-standing tradition of learning and education. The modern universities in Europe have state-of-the-art technology, modern facilities and the best educators.

  • The International Appeal of a European Law Degree.
    The European law system is influential across the world and studying it gives you a real perspective on the value of your chosen subject, as well as a fabulous insight into other legal systems.
  • The law society will be the most active, and best organised, on campus.
    Your calendar will be filled with networking events, law balls, moots and debates.
  • Globally recognised degrees.
    Most of the Universities in Europe now operate under the Bologna reform, which ensures all students get a unified and internationally recognized degree such as bachelor’s, master’s or PhD.
  • Time
    Studying the European legal system will take four or five years which is much less than the time take in other countries.
  • Diversity of modules.
    The European legal system is changing so fast, thus giving prospective students more choice when it comes to topics for their LLB course like International law, Corporate Law etc.
  • Opportunities for international students.
    Studying the European legal system will give you an opportunity to learn various languages, experience the vibrant Europe, and gain a cross-border intelligence of the legal system.
  • Remaining in Europe after completing your studies.
    Finally, after completing your study in Europe, you’ll have the opportunity to stay on and seek work after you graduate. The law allows international graduates to stay for an additional time period to seek work, and you may even end up staying longer, if that is what you wish.

A graduate in international law can find work that is exciting and highly satisfying. The salaries depend on the nature of the job you choose. One can work in both private and public sector. In public sector, an International Law graduate can work as an international lawyer with the government or in academics as a researcher, or in international organisations, including the organisations of the European Union. In the same way, one may work at a private law firm and handle various works as per the speciality of the degree.

Studying in Europe brings you more than just a brilliant education. When you study abroad, you gain unparalleled experience. The option to stay with a host family gives students the opportunity to truly immerse themselves in local culture as well as polishing language skills. From local bus passes to getting visa travel, student services will help you to the best of their ability.