KRITVA – Redefining India

As the saying goes,

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,

All play and no work makes Jack a mere toy.

An MBA life isn’t just about live projects and presentations nor is it about
parties at night. There is much more to it and there is a need to find the right
balance in life. IMI’s flagship Cultural Management fest Kritva is something which
(like its theme) would be a “redefining” experience.  Kritva is a healthy (and much welcome) break from
the hectic life of an MBA. The 2 years of an MBA programme isn’t just another course,
it’s a commando training regime. A regime which would make us polished diamonds
and shape us into the global leaders we are destined to become and a breather
is always welcome.

2014 is the 3 day long Annual Management – Cultural fest held at IMI Delhi.  Kritva is derived from the Sanskrit word which
means “to do”. Kritva 2014’s theme of “Redefining India” was chosen because
we feel it is the need of the hour to change perceptions, fight established
norms that are a setback to the country, and take India to new heights
altogether. Kritva 2014 would also celebrate this change as the nation moves
ahead to a brighter tomorrow.  Wheels of
change move as India moves towards an era of Economic stability, Growth and
prosperity. Managers need to constantly look at the bigger picture; this is not
just a fest but rather a platform for change!

flagship event is organized by the students and has been growing in size and
success over the past few years.  Hosting
one of India’s most participated B school fest in the country requires the
application of all the managerial and organizational skills one should expect
from any typical MBA graduate.

has a plethora of events ranging from case discussions to fashion shows, from
online quizzes to on campus debates. From hardcore marketing to hardcore LAN
gaming, IMI’s Krtiva has it all. Case studies right from the companies’ desks
provide a real life exposure to students to what they would be dealing with
after they pass out, A fashion show that has eye popping performances and
displays of talent that aptly showcase the myriad of abilities students have,
from tackling case studies, to being their trendiest best, from sharing information
and knowledge on specializations to participating in management quizzes and
what not!

All being said and done, it’s the night
time when the life of an MBA graduate truly comes to life and Kritva is no
exception.  Instead of having late night case
discussions and project work going on Flamboyant Fashion shows, VH1 Supersonic
Parties and the much awaited Star night was when the campus truly came alive. It
might have been 3 cold nights in Delhi, but it surely was 3 unforgettable nights
at IMI Delhi.