Kheraj Ram Choudhary with his father.

Selection in JEE, AIPMT or any such entrance exams is no longer a privilege limited to students from affluent backgrounds. Children from families of poor backgrounds, with parents working as railway porters, farmers, rickshaw drivers, labourers, vegetable vendors, etc. have been getting admission in premier education institutions of the country with the help of coaching institutes in Kota.
~Chetan Regar’s father sold vegetables on his cart in the by-lanes of Kota. He did not even have an electricity connection at home. Yet, with financial assistance and encouragement from his coaching institute, Resonance, Chetan was able to crack the IIT-JEE five years ago. RK Verma, MD, Resonance Institute, offered him financial assistance for coaching, while a private school in Kota provided free schooling. Verma feels that talent from every corner must be given an equal opportunity, irrespective of their financial status.

At a time when no one else was convinced he would do well, Chetan succeeded and joined IIT Jodhpur. He is not the lone coaching student who succeeded, battling the odds of life. Two years ago, Aakash Kumar, the son of Swaran Singh, an auto driver, succeeded in cracking the JEE (Advanced) 2013. Dinesh Verma suffers from Polio and is the son of a construction labourer in Kota, but he also cracked JEE (Advanced) 2013. Both were helped in their endeavours by Bansal Classes. VK Bansal, Director, Bansal Classes, said that he too studied under the light from lanterns, with many challenges in the initial phase of his life. Hence, he makes it an effort to support students who are deprived in life.


Aakash Kumar with his father Swaran Singh

This year too, several students from humble financial and family backgrounds were able to succeed in engineering and medical entrance exams. Kapil Gautam, the son of a truck driver from Tonk, Rajasthan, was able to score an All India Rank of 440 in the AIPMT 2015. Kheraj Ram Choudhary of Barmer, Rajasthan, the son of a railway porter, also scored AIR 285 in AIPMT 2015. Both were students of Allen Career Institute and claimed to have been given financial assistance from the institute.

Ramchandra Sankhala, a porter’s son from Sojat, Rajasthan, had scored AIR 1680 in IIT-JEE in 2010. Currently, he works at Google and is getting a salary package of Rs. 36 Lakh annually. He studied at Allen Career Institute during his coaching days. Recently, he visited Kota to motivate students. He said that he achieved his goals only because of the financial assistance and coaching he received, which helped him focus on the exam and not worry about anything else.

There is a long list of such talented students who have been able to do well in their lives, even though they have come from humble backgrounds, after the coaching institutes in Kota have helped them succeed in both engineering and medical entrance exams.

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