Kota Collector launches motivational booklet for coaching students of Kota

After launching several initiatives for checking stress among coaching students in Kota, Dr Ravi Kumar Surpur, District Collector of Kota has come up with a motivational booklet titled, ‘Why this Kolaveri Di..’ for the coaching students of Kota.

With 16 coaching students suicides in coaching capital city of Kota this year so far, the Kota Collector’s latest endeavour comprises of cartoon characters, graphics, pictures of film stars, and fun messages to connect with coaching students in an entertaining way instead of preaching in a serious manner. Referring to students as ‘friends’ in the booklet, issues of homesickness, study stress, fear of failures, gender distractions, peer group help, proper sleep, and other key issues related to student life have been addressed in the booklet.

To view the booklet, click here.