Kolkata court tell IIMs to provide raw scores, answer sheets and explain normalisation in 4 weeks

There was jubilation among the Kolkata group of CAT candidates who have dragged IIMs/Prometric to court over the discrepancies in their scores. The Calcutta High Court which heard the case today has asked the IIMs to provide raw scores, answer sheets and also the normalisation process to those who have petitioned. The judge said that no more extension will be given in this respect.

According to the petitioners who spoke to PaGaLGuY, the judge came heavily on the lawyer representing the IIMs. Apparently, when the judge asked the IIMs for raw scores, their lawyer said they were with Prometric. The judge was, reportedly irked with the blame game going on between the IIMs and Prometric.

Snehashis Chattopadhyay, one of the affected CAT 2013 candidates said that the respondents’ lawyer tried to portray to the judge that the petitioners were actually part of a coaching institute group which was pushing for the revelation of scores.

The judge however, was not too impressed with the argument and directed that the IIMs provide the raw scores, answer sheets and explain the normalisation method in the next four weeks. The lawyer for the CAT candidates did state that admission process in the IIMs has commenced and by month end they would be done with too. To this the judge said that the IIMs could continue with the admissions but at their own risk.

Snehashis added that he and and the other petitioners were satisfied with the court proceedings and look forward to seeing their scores. “We specifically asked for our answer scrips so that we are sure the raw scores shown to us are correct,” he said.

After the raw scores are provided, the petitioners will be given one week to contest the scores

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