Kolkata court asks why no raw scores yet while Indore court gives IIMs a month to get data

It was a mixed bag of emotions for CAT 2013 candidates today as cases (concerning discrepancies in scores) progressed differently in the two courts -in Kolkata and Indore. While both the hearings were in the afternoon, the court in Kolkata pulled up the IIMs for not having the raw scores but in Indore, the respondents (IIMs, Prometric) managed to get a month to come back with data.

At Kolkata, the judge did not take it too kindly when the lawyer representing the IIMs was unable to come up with a satisfactory answer as to why the raw scores were not made available. The lawyer’s response was: “Prometric has not provided us the scores, they are with Prometric.” To which the judge reportedly said that it was not the students’ fault that the IIMs did not have the data. This case is now going to be heard on Monday.

In Indore, on the other hand, the judge asked about the IIMs’ admission schedule and when told that it would be over by April end, the respondents (IIMs, Prometric) were given time to get back with the scores by then. PaGaLGuY spoke to the petitioners in this case. While they were slightly disappointed, they were also happy that there was some progress and that their cause has been taken serious note of by the court.

All the cases filed in the different courts are at interesting junctures. While Monday should be interesting for Kolkata, the other case filed in Indore yesterday was accepted and in Chennai, the court has asked for seat-reservation for the 8 petitioners. Petitioners can feed from each other’s developments. For instance, all petitioners can ask for seat reservation for themselves. Similarly, however the respondents can also push for more time to deliver raw scores the way they did in Indore court today. Please note there are two cases going on simultaneously in Indore.

Next week should be interesting.