Here’s the guy who was primarily responsible for the involvement of with Confluence 2004, the cultural secretary @ IIMA, The guy who literally counted his way into IIMA @ the forums, Here’s Gaurav Dagaonkar a.k.a the_dawg on the forums.

Under-Graduation: Mumbai University (B.E.- Info Tech.) Fresher

CAT Percentile: 99.31

Final Calls: A & L

CAT Gyaan:

—-> Identify your strengths and strengthen them

—-> Analyse the mocks very carefully

—-> Stay Cool

—-> Keep choosing whatever you can Score

—-> Go for quality attempts

Gaurav, @ A, loves these:

—-> God-Level Profs

—-> Some students @ A, real studs

—-> Good infrastructure

And he isn’t particularly fond of:

—-> Crazy hard work

—-> Little sleep (can vouch for the insanely few hours that gaurav slept during confluence ? )

—-> Very few holidays

Loves these @ PaGaLGuY forums:

—-> Discussions before CAT; really good

—-> Get to know a lot of good strategies

—-> One gets to know a lot of people, some really fundoo ones (ahem ? )

—-> Makes you aware what others are doing

Guarav sez he sleeps for close to 3.5hrs on weekdays and around 5hrs on weekends (am personally inclined to cut these figures by atleast 20% considering my xp with him over the 5 days that I spent with him !!)

His take on Life @ IIMA:

—-> Pretty fast

—-> Loads of work with very little time

—-> Good Co-operative Junta

—-> Very informal atmosphere

—-> Attention on learning in class

Surviver’s kit @ IIMA:

—-> Don’t have any misconceptions

—-> Term1 is really hard, so one has gotta slog

—-> Get your priorities right if you wanna understand where you wanna go.

—-> Be prepared to slog, benefits are too good

—-> Learn some accounting before coming here

He feels the driving force for freshers on campus is placements while for people with work-ex in excess of 3yrs, it is learning.

Sound Bytes:

—-> CAT is NOT a matter of life & death

—-> IIMs are NOT the only good institutes

—-> Learning only matters

—-> Be yourself in interviews

—-> Be Focussed


“ ROCKS!!! Keep surfing it till atleast the results are out; it brings you so much luck ? (so true gaurav, right !)

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