Kejriwal, Your India Needs You

We were getting use to this corruption, so much so that we thought it as a necessary evil. We resigned to the rottenness of the corrupt system. And then Kejriwal along with Anna Hazare came as a fresh mint of air. Though their partnership was short –lived it gave us a refreshing hope that corruption can be arrested. A hope we never hoped for. Then hope transformed into dream as Arvind Kejriwal, the activist transformed to Arvind Kejriwal, the politician. And when the politician tasted the success – which to my mind was premature – the dreams began to take the shape of reality. Everybody thought that Kejriwal would offer a corruption free society in Delhi. Even Kejriwal thought so, and he tried his best. Yes, he played few dramas and did few U-turns but with the intent to give honest governance to Delhi.

Where he failed though, was when he adopted the route of an activist while playing a political leader. Dharna and mass assembly as tools so well suited him when he was an activist but not so when he turned CM. Also, as a CM he had a broader range of agenda to be met and no one would have questioned him if he would have missed on few of those. And so his resignation, after failing to get Lokpal bill passed, too seems pre- mature.

And Kejriwal will fail India more if he does not continue to work for his values which have made us optimist. At this stage when those fledgling dreams of corruption free India stand shaken yet again, India wants him more badly. He was the one who woke India from the slumber. And now he has to show her the way.

India is looking up to you Mr. Kejriwal, with a hope that you will rise again like a phoenix. It is up to you to serve it, in any form – as an activist, as a politician or as category of your own. India won’t mind any, till the time you are able to instil that hope that ‘Good times will come’.

Kejriwal, Your India needs you.