Kejriwal : Salesman of the year 2013 Part-1

First of all , many many congratulations to Arvind Kejriwal and team on coming into power in the national capital of India.Two years ago nobody would have imagined in their wildest of dreams that a motley of ‘Aam Aadmis’ would bring down the incumbent government but today newspapers,social media don’t stop praising them and their way of doing things.

Being from an engineering background,i would certainly not call Arvind an Aam aadmi because those who get in IITs are the chosen ones and then knowing that he served as a Joint commissioner in the Income Tax Department, i am sure even rest of you will agree with me.But he is ‘Aam’ in the way he presented himself, in the way he stood for what is right,in the way he sacrificed his plum job for standing for what is need of the hour.

During a recent Sunday morning tea time gupshup at local tea shop i heard the tea vendor saying this about kejriwal “Market mein nya salesman aaya hai”. Somehow his words got etched in my mind and that’s when i started analyzing AAP’s journey and found that my chaiwala is absolutely right.Here is how this happened, Arvind and his team mates caught nation’s eye two years ago at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan at an anshan organized by Aana Hazare for Jan Lokpal Bill.Initially nobody expected it to gather steam ,let alone media coverage but it gathered more than steam and turned into a fireball which scared the govt to an end and they themselves have to take blame for it.Be it 2G scam or the Aadarsh Housing scam or Commonwealth games scam etc all of them had fueled the aggression which was somehow concealed in the people of the nation.People were aware of what was happening around them, with their hard-earned money but they were silent.That’s where the politicians committed their biggest mistake.They mistook common man’s silence as ignorance and carried own with their fantasies.Once movement started,it became vent of common man’s feelings, right from 5 year old kid to 70 year old man came in Ramlila maidan and stood side by side demanding a corruption free state.

Once the govt came to its senses and realized the general mood, they agreed to pass the anti corruption bill in principle just to calm down rising tempers but just as the Idiom goes “Kutte ki dum kabhi seedhi nhi hoti” , the politicos started playing the dirty game with anti corruption crusaders using every tactic available under the sun to demoralize and disband the group even challenging the crusaders to get the bill passed by coming in power,thinking they will back down seeking this mammoth task but these crusaders proved to be tough nut to crack.They accepted the challenge and a foundation was laid for a new political party for the people,by the people and of the people.