Kejri-Phobia Vs Kejri-Mania

I still remember the good old days, when Kejriwal and his team popularly known as “Team Anna” at that time showed the audacity to stand up against the rampant corruption and created a jitter against the central government. People from all sections specially the youth full heartedly supported him, teeming on the buses, metro, streets, and created a panic cum phobia in the parliament, which forced central government to introduce the LokPal Bill. Everyone was happy and especially the government who thought his so called phobia is over now.

But wait a minute! Yet again, with a broom in hand and dream of Swaraj he crusaded against the Delhi government. And yet again people from all over the sections ranging from youth who dreamt of Self governance with Mohalla Sabha, Middle class who dreamt of free water and electricity and to down trodden “Dalits” who felt emotionally attached due to his symbol and simplicity lend their full support, and thus again creating phobia this time in the state government coincidentally ruled by congress again. What the results were? Yes, you know… Soon Mr. Kejriwal became the youngest chief Minister of Delhi. Again, all were happy and as they thought, they got good governance whose policies were attuned towards their wishes and remain responsive to the non-Elites.

Hold down your horses, under obligation to show some quick results, he announced some quick fixes and freebies like of any other traditional political party. But it wasn’t long when his government shattered the hopes by resigning and aborting all the promises under the garb of “Jan Lokpal” Bill, which if he sincerely wanted could have re- introduced into the assembly and get it pass. But Phobia loving Mr. Kejriwal who probably believes in getting maximum out of his life, chose politics of publicity by any means instead of governance and started targeting BJP candidate popularly known as “NaMo” as he knows very well that Congress had all but lost the general election. As its only NaMo who can give him maximum TRP not Congress, not corruption and especially not “good governance anymore”.

Though, Initially, I was a stern supporter of the AAP party and venerate Mr. Kejriwal, whom I believed that being the part of the system in the past, will do something to change the system and sincerely thought that collectively we can make Delhi better and safe city, giving strong competition to Beijing. I hope instead of creating mania he will respect our mandate and deliver some results and rather building false hope and fake promises which has been time and again showed by many political parties, But still I believe that he will really bring some positive changes in our 66 year old democracy.

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