KARWA (The Journey)

You take a birth become a baby, move to kid, than those juvenile teenage, here comes virile manliness, boarding on to mature person state, maturate and turn out to be ripe, and once for the all superannuation comes and existence lead off for being obsolete to non-extant.

Oh c’mon this is not an evolution and I am not Darwin’s buff.

If we notice those stages of life and we will land up in realization that with every stage there is something unique associated. Life starts with floating in luxurious spa like central heating womb, Primary school days: so much innocence around where we judge people by heart (IIT n IIM’s never been a hallmark), High School: first kiss, love, happiness in air (Sizes doesn’t matter here), Remember college days: confidence, dreams and aspiration comfortably breathing in (Politics, Rating, Package, Network never be a concern) , first job and those days: enthusiasm, adventure , one extra drink and vagabond learning instinct(buying flat still is not issue), Marriage, children , savings, responsibility, duties, obligation and eventually solitude in old age home.

My point is why we are so sticky with stages, age and state.There is predefined certain set of rules of society which we need to follow and If we are few in a crowd than our positioning will be ruled out.

16: still virgin? ; Holy shit! No more stud, 20: Not interested in CAT, GRE, GMAT: only dumb can do this, 24: ‘Sacha Pyar’? OMG!! You can’t be serious! let it be in ENG college book, 28 : playing snakes and ladders ? Lamest on earth, 34: still searching quest for life ? ‘baba’ go and take Samadhi , 44 : No flat? moron Looser, 55 : in love? You must be Tharki, and this story goes on till the end of life.

Let’s come out of this garbage thought process because life cannot be run by a rule book with do’s and make living so smooth by doing all those things at all time which we do at specific time.

Let’s lay bare the love and emotion. Let’s not fence the reach of aspiration and caliber by confining it to age and time, let’s untie the feathers of dreams and take a flight to achieve it irrespective of direction of wind flowing, let’s live the moment and follow the heart disregarding of abyss constraints created by wobbling society and conceited people around.

Believe me! Live your life on high, Laugh out loud, Cry to pain, Hug, express love, dream big, do whatever you love to do irrespective of rules so that we let loose and say ‘this are’ the best days of my life




PS: Don’t know after proof read my heart says of listening song’ ude aasman mein khwabon ke parindey'(ZMND)…you may try once!! …

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