Journey from Dubai to Mumbai

Four years ago I migrated from Dubai to Mumbai to pursue my higher studies here. After passing my class Xth SSC exams, I was blank about which field of education to go for. I was confused between commerce on one hand and science on the other. Since, to be frank, I also had a nightmare with science and maths in school, taking up engineering as a career was very challenging for me.

My family would always support me for which ever field I would opt for, but then they also had faith in me that I would be able to cope with engineering. I took up Electronics and Tele-communication engineering as my career, even though I feared it the most. Instead of applying for admissions in junior colleges for science stream, I had chosen to take up admission in a 3-years diploma course in engineering so that I could skip the post-12th entrance test.

As it is a very well-known fact that the study timetable of engineering colleges is quite busy so my life style turned out to be very hectic and erratic. In short, my lifestyle changed completely. Life was all about non-stop lectures, never-ending assignments and preparation for all semester board exams. There was no leisure time to hangout with friends, to go out to watch movies or to even attend family gatherings. Life got so busy that I had no extra time to even concentrate on my favourite co-curricular activities.

Since, I grew up in Dubai from childhood itself, I was used to the Dubai educational pattern. In the beginning, here in Mumbai, I found it difficult to adapt to the Indian educational teaching pattern but since the last four years of my stay here, I am now very used to the Indian atmosphere as well as the educational system. So far, my journey in Mumbai has been great and I have also overcome my fear related to education. I have successfully completed my 3-years of diploma in engineering from a well-established polytechnic and now I have ventured into the degree programme. The journey continues…