JoSAA 2016: Instructions for second round of seat allocation

No Reporting: Candidates who have accepted seats allotted in the previous round at IITs/ISM/NITs/Other-GFTIs and wish to continue with the seat need not report at the reporting centre (RC).

Dual Reporting: If a candidate’s seat allotted in the
previous round has been upgraded from IITs/ISM to NITs/IIITs/GFTIs then he/she
must report once again to an RC of NIT+ system. Similarly, you must report to a
RC of IIT+ system in case the vice-versa is true.

Change of Option: Candidates who want to change their
option between float/slide of participating in further rounds must report to an
RC along with filled-in form Change of Option for Further Rounds.

Reporting at RC: Only those candidates who want to exercise
withdrawal/float/slide/freeze must report to an RC of NIT+ system, if they
have a NIT+ system seat. The same applies to candidates having IITs or ISM seat.
Every time a candidate wants to exercise any of the above options, he/she must carry
their documents for identity verification along with seat acceptance letter.

Withdrawal of Seat: To know how to use the withdraw option,
click here.