JoSAA 2016: Aspirants question reliability of mock seat allocation result

JoSAA 2016 committee released the mock seat allocation results today, June 27. Based on the results, aspirants have taken to social media to express their moods and dilemma; with some aspirants happy to be allotted the college of their choice, and some depressed to not find their name in the list at all. Aspirants are now wondering about the reliability of the mock allocation results.

The biggest question students have in mind is that, will the actual seat allotment for Round 1, to be released on June 30, be somewhat similar to the mock allocation result? Aspirants should note that the mock allocation is just a trial run to get an idea as to what branch and college you are likely to get based on your current preferences. The mock allocation list is not an actual allotment list and is highly unreliable. This is because, aspirants can change their choices in the application form after referring to the mock allocation list. It is very likely that most students will want to change their preferences. Hence, too many changes in the inputs will lead to obvious changes in the actual Round 1 allocation list.

Moreover, the mock allocation list is based on aspirants’ preferences as recorded at 5pm on June 26. Changes made in preferences after that time are not considered in the mock list. However, when releasing the actual Round 1 allotment list, all preferences recording as on June 29, 12 noon, will be considered.

Thus, those aspirants whose names have not appeared on the mock list, still stand a chance to get placed on the actual list to be released on June 30. At the same time, aspirants who have got their choice of college and branch on the mock list should not be too excited as there are high chances of this allotment changing.