[JGBS alum Abhishek S Bansal Speaks] -How many B-schools let the Classroom Experience be more Dialogic than monologues?

Abhishek S Bansal, JGBS Alum Batch 2016, had all plans to do his Masters overseas but things fell through. Today, the Director of Daisy Group believes that it all worked out for the better. The reasons he has are many, however, in a nutshell, he believes his B-School offered him an experience on par with the best institutes in India. “I was sure that I didn’t want to pick an overhyped business school, but instead I wanted to choose a place that lets students explore different ways to work on their strengths and weaknesses” he explains. “JGBS was the right fit because there is no spoon feeding here and you are given what you ask for.” 

That meant there were many individual and group submissions where students could exhibit their understanding of important business concepts. According to Abhishek, faculty members often called themselves classroom moderators and encouraged students to figure things out on their own. “It was an innovative approach that really worked well for us and made us independent” he says. “We learned to work in groups, take charge in a team and also manage time more effectively. These are qualities that will hold you in good stead in your professional life.” 

Innovative teaching pedagogies at the institute are backed up by state of the art facilities at JGBS. Abhishek believes that these facilities are the key to the success of the B-School and its students. “As students are offered best facilities they instantly feel at home. Since we were always comfortable, we could focus more on our studies” he elaborates. “No matter which part of the world you come from, JGBS facilities will leave a lasting impression. Interesting thing is JGU is a complete residential campus with multi-disciplines, which also makes it quite diverse and interesting.” 

In addition, the diversity on the campus added to Abhishek’s experience as he interacted with students from different backgrounds, regions, understood different cultures and celebrated various festivals. “For me diversity is not about gathering knowledge but learning to be flexible in different social settings” he says, echoing the sentiments of many students at the institute. “It has added to my memories on campus, which include going around it on a wheelchair with a fractured leg, winning events at inter-college fests and many more. But being elected as the President of the student council was a highlight for me.” 

Abhishek believes that his journey at JGBS made him focused and result-oriented. Extracurricular activities helped him gain confidence as he developed a more positive approach towards life as well. He urges students to have their own learning from initiatives at the B-School. “The industry looks for passionate management professionals who are inquisitive and enthusiastic to learn. You need innovative ideas and should be able to settle into a new work environment quickly. Let your experiences at JGBS prepare you for that” he concludes.

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