JEE Mains 2016 – Use rough sheets judiciously for online test

The JEE Main 2016 computer based test will be held over the coming weekend ( April 9 and 10, 2016). It was observed when JEE Mains went online last year, that students fell short of the rough sheets provided to them for solving answers.

Students are provided with two blank sheets for calculations. “Students had mentioned last year that, the sheets provided were less. However, that is the case because many at times they don’t realize that they need to solve many more sums than the questions they are attempting. This  then, causes them to use a lot of space of the rough sheets right at the beginning of the exam, and later fall short of space as they go ahead.” said Prof. Alok Gautam, Vidyamandir Classes, New Delhi.

Also, when a student gets a particular problem wrong in the first attempt, they tend to repeat the same question. “I would suggest to students to  avoid that mistake. If they don’t arrive at the solution in the first attempt, it’s best to mark that question for review and move to the next one. If time and space permits then, go back to solving the same question.’ said Ajay D, a student who took his exam last year from a centre in Mumbai.

A CBSE official who PaGaLGuY spoke to said that, it is quite trivial, because the sheets are enough for the number of questions that needs to be solved. ‘Instead of wasting space, divide the rough sheet into two or three sections and then start calculations. It will keep the calculations organized and also avoid wasting space.’ he said.

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