JEE Main 2016: IITians bring you ‘Tip of the day’ – 7

This is the seventh in a series of articles giving last minute tips to JEE aspirants to efficiently crack the exam. Every day, PaGaLGuY will bring to you a tip of the day from first year IIT students sharing their experiences and mistakes of JEE 2015.

Anusha Kamath, First Year, Chemical Engineering, IIT Gandhinagar

Don’t spend too much time learning new concepts. What you haven’t studied in the past two years cannot be miraculously learned in a couple of days. While studying, students tend to categorise concepts as difficult or easy to learn and score. However, I suggest, if you are sure of the course in which you would like specialise later, and then it is best to focus on related concepts. A student who wants to pursue mechanical engineering should focus on mastering mechanics concepts, irrespective of how difficult it is. Likewise, a student interested in electrical engineering should have good grasp over concepts such as electrostats, magnetic field of current, etc.

Another point to remember is that while solving the paper, do not try to calculate your marks based on the number of questions solved. There’s no time for such calculation, and it will only make you nervous. You can never be 100% sure about your answers. You need to solve at least 40 questions out of 90 to gain a shot at the JEE Advanced. If you aren’t planning for the Advanced, then answering 30 questions correctly alone is also enough to place you in a good NIT or state college. So don’t focus on calculating your marks, just try to solve a certain number of questions properly to help you sail through. 

PaGaLGuY wishes all aspirants good luck for JEE Mains 2016.

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