JEE Main 2016: Analysis of Chemistry section in JEE Main 2015

The final countdown has begun. To give aspirants an advantage in the forthcoming exams, PaGaLGuY analyses JEE Main 2015 Chemistry paper. This will give aspirants a fair idea about the pattern of question paper, difficulty level, topic wise weightage, and much more. Read on to know how our expert, Prof. Amit Gautam, Head of Department, Chemistry, Vidyamandir Classes, Delhi, has analyzed the Chemistry section of JEE Main 2015.

The Chemistry section of JEE Main 2015 paper had four questions each from Transition Elements and Co-ordination Chemistry, Periodic Table and Representative Elements in Inorganic Chemistry. Going by previous years’ papers, it is likely that these two topics will have same weightage in this year’s paper as well. A good command over them will give you an edge over others. The third topic, which had the maximum number of questions, was from Organic Chemistry – Carbohydrates, Amino Acids and Polymers. There were three questions each from these chapters in the paper. Physical Chemistry is equally important and one must do a thorough revision of Chemical Bonding, Chemical Equilibrium and Electrochemistry to score well in the paper.

You must remember that despite vast syllabus, it is easy to solve and score marks in Chemistry. This section takes only about 40-45 minutes to complete. Organic chemistry is the most scoring section as questions are mostly conceptual. You can choose to attempt the topics where you are confident of rather than wasting time in answering the ones where you lack clarity. For every correct answer, you stand a chance to score three or four marks. And a wrong answer will only lead to negative marking. I will sincerely advice you to read the questions thoroughly and then proceed. No question should take more than two-three minutes. If you are unsure, then I will suggest that it is better to leave and move on to the next question.