JEE Advanced 2016 Results: Three links created to ease traffic of portal, but in vain

The worst fears of lakhs of aspirants, who took JEE Advanced 2016, came true. Though the students had anticipated minor technical glitches, none of them had ever imagined that JEE Advanced website would remain unavailable for more than six hours.

The students are anxious to know if their name figures in the list of selected few, but there is no way that the can find that out. Earlier during the day, PaGaLGuY spoke to KV Krishna, Chairman of JEE Advanced 2016, who had mentioned that the portal could not bear the unexpected traffic and so was temporarily unavailable. He had assured that the portal would be up and about soon.

Three additional links were created via IIT Delhi’s host server to ease the rush at primary server. Much to the dismay of the aspirants, these links too have not been functional. “We are trying to solve this problem. We will create more links so that the traffic gets distributed. We are working on them even at the moment. I would request the aspirants to be patient and keep trying,” he said.

IIT Guwahati is the institute conducting this year’s exam. The server issue has been attributed to heavy traffic ever since the result was declared. JEE Advanced server is on Cloud, and request rate for the same was increased in the morning to deal with heavy traffic. “Even the back-end servers are facing a lot of traffic. There are almost 10,000 requests per second, and JEE data server can hold up to only 2,000 requests per second. It is almost exponential. We are working on it, and students will be able to check their results soon,” Krishna assured.