JEE Advanced 2016: Paper II had more application-based questions

Students leaving the exam centre in Panvel, Navi Mumbai. (Photo Credit: Priyank Pamkar)

Around two lakh students, who had made the cut by clearing JEE Mains 2016, heaved a sigh of relief as the second paper of JEE Advanced got over at 5 pm on Sunday. With this, the entire exam process for securing a seat for pursuing a bachelor’s degree programme in engineering at the Indian Institutes of Technology and other reputed institutes across the country has come to an end. 

The total marks for both papers are 372. Aspirants, who took the exam today, said that unlike Paper I, Paper II had more application-based questions. Most of the aspirants found Paper II to be easier than Paper I, but Physics to be the toughest among three subjects in Paper II.

Azharuddin, a candidate from Tamil Nadu, said, “Paper II was easier than Paper I. The difficulty level for Chemistry was same for both the papers. Being from Tamil Nadu State Board helped me as we had covered those topics in our syllabus.” 

Most students felt Physics in Paper 2 was difficult than Paper 1. Anurag Mall, an aspirant from Mumbai, said, “Physics in Paper II was lengthier than that of Paper I. It took more time to solve those questions.”

Akash Ari too found Paper 2 to be difficult due to Physics but was jubilant as he found Mathematics to be easier than other sections. He added, “The application-based questions made the paper a bit lengthy. It took a lot of time to solve such questions. But I am happy with my performance.”       

With inputs from Priyank Pamkar and Manaal Bhombal