JEE Advanced 2016: IIT Gandhinagar invites students; clears myths about institute

In a unique initiative to help aspirants make a wise decision, IIT Gandhinagar has chosen to open its gates to students who have cleared JEE advanced 2016. Students and parents can personally visit the campus, speak to the professors & students, check out the hostels, and clear every doubt they have about the institute in an open house initiative conducted by IIT Gandhinagar.

Rushil Vispute, one of the co-ordinators of the open house says, “The perception, that the new IITs are not as good as the older ones, is what triggered this initiative. We will also be giving the aspirants a tour of the campus, and an opportunity to speak with the deans as well.”

One such session was held on June 5, 2016 , while another is scheduled for tomorrow, June 18, 2016 . Students who are unsure about which branch they should choose can use this opportunity to speak to the professors of the concerned branch. Rushil also added that this initiative welcomes students to clarify any other doubts regarding the JoSSA process as well.

The open house will begin at 9 am and go on until evening. Apart from using social media, students can take this opportunity to get up, close and chatty with IITians who are more than willing to clear doubts.