JEE Advanced 2016 exam: The final stretch

Hi guys, hope you fared well in your JEE-Main. Many students are confused about
preparations in this period between JEE Main and Advanced. Here are some tips
you can use:

This is the final stretch of your preparation guys. This is a period where you
can make up quite a lot of ground. You can also LOSE out on quite a lot of

So, Rule #1 of survival: Don’t
let things get to your head. I mean it both ways. Don’t be overconfident, but
have faith in your ability. Also, don’t get depressed because you did not do
well in this paper or that one. Let your confidence be unshakeable for a bit,
in a positive sense. Do not lose confidence is yourself; This is the biggest
thing to ensure while passing through this period.

Now, onto things you should
and should not do. This is fairly straightforward. Avoid using new books; Stick
with the ones you have already covered. This will help avoid duplication of
efforts, as most books have about 80% problems common. This also applies for
the theory. So better to not experiment with new books in this period.  

Make sure you give A LOT of
papers. It is imperative to practice good, Advanced level question papers in
this period. Also, they should be attempted properly. You should do both Paper 1 and Paper 2 for the full 3 hours, with a less than 2 hour break in the
middle. Let paper practice become the source of new questions for you, instead
of books. This way, you’ll learn to handle surprises and tough questions thrown
at you during the actual paper. Also, 6 hours of paper-solving can be taxing, so make sure
you have your stamina with you till the final bell. This stamina can be
developed only through paper-practice.

There’s also the issue of exam nervousness. As hard as you might prepare, there
will always be those butterflies in your stomach. No one is exempt from this.
But you can minimize the impact of this nervousness by giving papers. The
pseudo-exam atmosphere, with thousands of kids writing the paper with you- that
cannot quite be recreated in a test. However, it is the best you could possibly

Go for some good, reputed All India Test Series. Only solving papers also won’t
suffice. It’s more important to properly analyse each and every paper. You have
to learn from your mistakes, and not repeat them in the actual paper. Evaluate
your scores on the same day. Sit with the paper, and figure out what and where you are
lacking. This is the way to root out the final flaws in your preparation.

There’s one more important skill to be learnt during this period: The skill of
sorting. You must be thorough enough with your weaknesses and strengths that
you can immediately sort questions in the paper, and attempt your strengths
first. This is not an innate thing, but has to be honed like every skill.
Without this, JEE Advanced is a HUGE obstacle.

Some more dos and don’ts:

CHEMISTRY THOROUGHLY. Students do not pay heed to inorganic chemistry much
during this period. You should keep revising it till at least 25% of the chemistry paper falls into your lap.

GO THROUGH SYNOPSIS OF CHAPTERS. We all tend to forget something or the other
from some chapter. It’s very important that you keep as much theory as possible
in your head. Revising so much in so little time is no mean feat, and it
helps greatly if you have synopses of chapters written with you.

big surprise that Match-Matrix questions pertaining to this were asked in the
past 2-3 years. It is baffling, with so many things to remember. Mug all of it
up, is all I can say. It’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT from JEE-Advanced point of

That’s all this time from my side guys. Feel free to post your doubts in the comments section below.

Study hard! It’s the final stretch of an extremely long journey, and you
certainly don’t want to miss whatever awaits you at it’s end, out of sheer