JEE Advanced 2015 toppers to aspirants: Have the right attitude

With just 8 days left for JEE Advanced 2016, aspirants going to appear for the exam must be under tremendous pressure about their future. To find out what aspirants should do during this stressful time, PaGaLGuY spoke
to JEE Advanced 2015 toppers.

Divyansh Pareek, AIR 18 in JEE Advanced 2015, said, “JEE
Advanced is an exam not only of aptitude but also of attitude. Students should
focus on developing the right attitude. Don’t worry about your preparation. Now
is the time to relax and just think that it is done. Go and face the exam with
a smile.”

Sheshansh Aggarwal, AIR 58 in JEE Advanced 2015, said, “I
practiced papers from different coaching institutes.  I was confident about having worked hard. I
went to the exam hall with some anxiety and some confidence.”

Sankalp Gaur, AIR 55 in JEE Advanced 2015, said, “Advanced
is a different ball game. Students should concentrate on solving questions accurately
rather than attempting all questions. As questions are not direct, students
will have to carefully apply their mind and solve them.”

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