It’s more than a dream!

“When I was a child I caught a fleeting glimpse

Out of the corner of my eye

I turned to look but it was gone

I cannot put my finger on it now

The child is grown The dream is gone”

Few might say getting into IIM is their dream,few say that they are doing it for the sake of their parents, for some it is just for the tag.

Are you the one who topped your class right from your high school, the one who is pampered by your teachers throughout your schooling and then entered into the college of your choice once again going to pass out or passed out with flying colors and with a job that offers you a 6 digit package.I don’t think you would have much problems in getting into a college you aspired because as for as India B-schools are considered its only the numbers that matters for them.I salute you people for being successful throughout your life but you may not like this one .

There will be a guy in every class who people would have hardly noticed for his/her success, the one who teacher hates to have in the class, the one who have always struggled to cross the average grades right from his/her high school,entered a college where he could hardly find people of his wavelength,where his ideas are tagged as impractical and his goals are said to be unachievable,the one whose diligence are considered as wasting time.

I am the one who is waiting to prove the world that I am better than what they estimate about,I am the one who want to come out of that mediocre circle,I am the one who is stumbling right in the middle of nowhere.

I am the one who realized what life is, only after getting wounded n number of times.I am the one who started chasing dreams when the race has already started, Its only then I saw all the obstacle coming on my way, the things which I took light now try to block my path, which made me regret during the race, which tried to stop me in the middle and discouraged me and looked at me like a meager being.

Its not very simple to cross these obstacles but I can’t give up in the middle, this is the last battle for the success, this is something more than a dream ,this battle is not just a matter of pride or not like making your 6 digit salary to a 7 digit salary.This is the final attempt which is going to give me a identity which has never existed so for .

For few its more than a dream.