It’s Gone !!!!!!

I was just spending my time wondering what i want to do in life. Some of the things happened really questioned my ability and i felt my at the bottom when compared to my friends and classmates. Certain mistakes and overconfident adamant nature proved to have spoiled my life. Being different made me to lose my path.This article is my first one in my life and i thank Pagalguy(Don know whether it ll be published or not but still..) for giving me this platform to establish myself. My language is bit weird and so readers please bear with me. So after the CAT result was out and it did shake me up from the core. I was in blues. I was fully torn into pieces and my confidence was going at negative rate. I just saw myself and asked me “So one more year gone -NO JOB NO MBA NO CAREER…. what are u gonna do ?” . Just thinking about various options i found myself obsolete. Later one day i met a friend an unknown person on FB (Boss of a successful coaching institute) and said my status he was kind enough and finding such a good hearten person was really obscure these days. He straight away offered me a job with a moderate package. Having no option i joined his office . His presence and his approach towards work was the thing i admired. The way he approached his work was outstanding. And i was working under him i felt good. As the day passes i felt that this was not the place for me. I was doing a good job but i was not loving what i doing. I felt something was missing. I felt the pressure. Staying approx 1250 km away from home didn’t make me feel bad. But what i was doing there didnt excite me. So after 18 days went straight to the boss and with my eyes in direct contact, I said “I am sorry sir , I QUIT”. He was shocked and taken back. I said “Sir i liked your company , enjoyed the presence of my colleagues, but i didnt love what i did sir, am sorry”. He told me to consider it but i politely refused. He was so kind that he offered me some other role in his company but i found nothing was exciting me. I came back home (my friends apartment) and said this. They were annoyed because right from my college days i was the same , i don adjust thats what they said. I was wondering what i am up to now. I was travelling, travelling, spent my time alone at home. Booked my ticket to return back home (Mumbai- chennai). I was just looking the outside the train. Every station every people i met made me feel inferior about myself. Felt am nothing right now. Suddenly i got an idea. At the middle of night i got up and started to feel high . Got goose bumps. Yes i found what i wanted to do in life. I had a plan to do a start-up earlier but parents denied. This time i added some flavor to it and made it super cool and totally unconventional.Was too excited that even after a tiring journey of 25 hrs i couldnt sleep whole night thinking what should i do next. It was exciting because i felt i would be contributing something valuable back to the society. Told my friends and they all suggested to take a giant leap. And i sent my inexperienced business plan to all my close friends and all applauded me for my work.

With fear and excitement i sent to an investor who helps with new idea. He was stunned by my idea and said i got work like its my last day of my life to get such a plan to get going. I had a great talk with him and he said to me everything that an entrepreneur face in today’s world and in the place of 5 lacs he was ready to give more. I was stunned i felt that at last am gonna work in my own firm. It was a special feeling. I never had alcohol in my life but i felt high. It was a special feeling. All my friends said,” buddy if this works u can make wonder”. But from my heart i had one thing “Be different”. Am doing something others didnt do i want to take the risk .

Everything was set . Now i went to my parents and said them this. they got so terrified and my dad (a businessman) too said, “this is crap and useless”. Just do a PG degree u can settle. My mom(Professor) said,”beta finish ur PG, do Ph.d land in some reputed college 9-5 work then u ll find a gud time to spend with ur family”. No girls love an “Entrepreneur” so drops this u are too young so study right now. I explained my dad and within 30 secs he said its crap , while an unknown investor said it ll be mind blowing.

Since there were some family problem which got settled right now i thought no need to create any problem by opposing my parents. Because that ll lead to prob(traditional family probs). So with tears in my eyes i had to pour a bucket of water on the fire that was burning to do something big and thats it ..My very own child (my idea) was killed by me. With no option with me am applying for a PG course today.

My request to all future parents let ur child learn from their mistakes (or of others). Guide them Don manipulate them. We all got one life to live lets live our life our way (clean).

With tears,

(thanks pagalguy)