It’s about time: JEE Mains 2016 is here

Dreams are at stake. Around 15 lac students are gearing up for probably the biggest event of their lives, the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). Some 2-3 years of dedicated hard work is put to test on two days in the names of JEE Mains and Advanced to find the top minds of the country. From 15 lac students, finally some 10,000 get admission in the prestigious IITs and NITs.

Stepping in class XI, no one really realises the
decisions they have made. Getting into an IIT or NIT can change one’s life like
anything. That’s why getting in there is so tough. The first exam JEE Mains
generally takes place in the first week of April after the XII board examination.
For many years, the examination pattern has remained the same comprising of 90
multiple choice questions with negative marking and total of 360 marks. It is a
3 hour exam which generally contain questions of board exam level. This exam is
the deciding parameter along with board percentage for selection into NITs.

This year 2 lacs students will qualify this exam
and will be allowed to sit for JEE Advanced which is scheduled for May 23 this
year. JEE Advanced comprises of two papers over 6 hours with 3 hours for each
paper. The pattern is not predefined, it changes every year. Last year, IIT
Bombay, the paper setting institute introduced a whole new pattern with a
dreaded marking scheme of +4 , -2 for the multiple choice questions. The patter
came as a shock to almost all of the student fraternity and teachers as well.
But, as said earlier, getting into IIT isn’t easy at all. In accordance to the
JEE Advanced scores, students are given admission into IITs.

So, only one month remains before JEE. Now is the
time where you have to know exactly what to do and what not. It’s time to
summarise and pack up, not to start a new topic. Practice is very, very
important, so you need to practice more and more questions regularly. Also, JEE
is not only about accuracy, it’s about speed too, so always practice under time

You should not over stress yourself, try to at least get 6 hours of
sleep daily. Shortcuts and tricks will surely help you but knowing the
conventional method is important too because JEE isn’t tough, it’s TRICKY. It
is designed to bring out the best of you.

Also you need to analyse the questions well, you should know which
questions to attempt first and which not. While attempting paper, one should
precisely allocate time to each subject and also leaving some time for the end
analysis. Most importantly, one should be confident while attempting the paper
and have a positive attitude constantly. Remember, it’s tough but achievable.
Work hard and you are sure to succeed.

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