ITM Students Speak #5 – Kaleidoscope of Experiences

“These two years have been an exceptionally wonderful experience for me. The kind of training, mentor-ship and guidance which I found in ITM Business School, Navi Mumbai, were instrumental in making the successful person that I am today. The hectic and rigorous PGDM curriculum of two years helped me understand the professional work environment, vicariously. I have seen my overall development happening in ITM Business School, Navi Mumbai. I was an average performer earlier but the motivation given to me by the professors in ITM Business School, Navi Mumbai, coupled with my own hard work and dedication, resulted in me being the topper. I take a lot of pride in being called an ITMite and I thanks all my professors and friends for the role that they have played in shaping my life.”

Yogesh Choudhary

 2011-13 PGDM

 Current Organization: Reserve Bank of India

 Designation: Manager