ITM Navi Mumbai, Students IV to Kiva Brew Pub, Pune

ITM Business School, Navi Mumbai (Retail Management and Marketing) students went to second industry visit to Kiva Brew Pub, Hinjewadi which is around 77 Km from Chakan. The property of Kiva Brew Pub is around 2 acres. The property covers both manufacturing and serving facilities.

Kiva will introduce 2 new drinks, Mango Cider – a slightly sweeter drink with a predominant mango flavour, and Porter – a medium to full body beer with a malty/nutty/coffee aftertaste. Sahil Khare, the head brewer, says that even the strongest beer doesn’t exceed 8 per cent alcohol. So, you don’t have to worry about getting inebriated too soon. Dark beers and spiced ciders are some of his picks for the season. Served at 8 degrees Celsius, Marzen aka their Oktoberfest beer, a medium-bodied lager with malty flavours is your best bet if you’re looking for a drink to warm you up.

There ITM Business School, Navi Mumbai (Retail Management and Marketing) students meet Mr. Sagar who is manager over there, he explained each and everything about micro burry beer. How it is prepared, the ingredients which are required to make proper micro burry beer.

They have six 1000 ltrs tanks in which all the beer preparation takes place. They have a heater which kills all the germs and bacteria at certain temperature of boiling. After boiling it takes around 15min to cool down for this they have chiller tank. All the bogets boiling the yeast mix with some gas and then chill out.

They have Semi-Automatic and manual machines which does all this procedures. Its takes around 14 days to prepare beer.

They have lounge and a restaurant as well, so that customers can enjoy their time while having beer.

Further north, Doolally itself has opened a microbrewery in tony Bandra, where it serves apple cider, wheat beer and oatmeal stout. Soak up all the alcohol with beer-battered Bombay duck and house fries. Andheri’s Brew-bot on the other hand, promises artisanal craft beer (chocolate oatmeal stout, anyone?) for which the owners have roped in Julie Baggett – an US-based brewer par excellence. Brew-bot looks like a typical microbrewery with large, stainless steel brewing vats in the middle of the room.

Overall experience was good after visiting this place. In real also these kind of beer are different from other beer.

In India there are only 4 micro-buries factory. The market of these kind of beer is very low over here because everyone wants a brand to drink beer. As we compared prices of these beer are high as compared to other any beer. Even the prices in market are same in KIVA lounge.