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ITM Navi mumbai students of RMM (2018-2020) visited a village in Karjat named Kushiwali to study rural market and the lifestyle of the people including facilities provided to them by the government. The rural camp was held on 21st December 2018 . The class was divided into various groups to look after different aspects of the rural area. At the village, the students visited different places such as school, hospital, market, Gram Panchayat Office etc.

The rural visit was organized by our Head of The Department Dr. Sapna Modi, Prof. Shatabdi Das, Prof. Shazia, Prof.Rachna Mane and Prof. Shabbir Hariayanwala which provided an opportunity to the students to understand the rural market and the lifestyle of the people including facilities provided to them by the government.

Objectives of the Rural Visit:

1. Conduct survey on the education, farming, hygiene and sanitation, banking.
2. Study on FMCG distributors, electronics market, e-commerce reach,
celebrity endorsement etc.
3. Interaction and Awareness program for community and pre-primary students regarding Good Touch and Bad Touch.
4. Preparation of Questionnaire and submission of reports.

Methodology used for conducting the tasks:

  • Survey of the residents.
  • Meetings with officials.
  • Group discussions with Gram Panchayat members.
  • Analysis and Interpretation of the data collected.
  • Preparation of the report

Interaction with School Authorities:

The students visited two schools namely Raigarh Zilla: Central School Jambhivali and Raigarh Zilla school in Kushiwali.

Raigarh Zilla: Central School Jambhivali was established on 1st December 1877 & they cover subjects like Marathi & Maths. The faculties don’t receive any increments or bonus from school or government. Nor there are any faculty development programs implemented on campus.

Raigarh Zilla school in Kushiwali is a primary school and provides all subjects like English, Marathi, Maths, History etc. The faculties only receive salary without any increments or bonus. The teachers on this campus are on proper commission. Every year Faculty development programs are implemented on campus and proper training and guidance are given to the teachers.

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