ITM Business School, Chennai : MBA Good for Me?

When I asked Alok why he wished to do an MBA, he said his graduation was his father’s choice and doing an MBA is entirely his choice! He said the last two years of formal education will decide his future career and he wishes to take the reins in his hands. This sounded interesting. Merits of a “good MBA” are many and the making of an MBA lies in the hands of the student and the institution to make it a successful one.

For fresher’s straight out of college and people with less than three years experience, full time MBA is an ideal choice. For those while at work can afford to devote time for studies may opt for part time MBA and those working professionals who are with no time at their disposal for attending classes may go for a distance mode MBA.

MBA undoubtedly is a sought after program today. With competition and globalization the demand for specialized MBA has widened and become an avenue for career development. Scope of an MBA grad is broad, unparalleled and diverse. It steers one towards professionalism and nurtures managerial capabilities.

The learning span during MBA is an awakening by itself. One learns by experience, right skill sets and leadership and I have been witness to watching some absolute raw students being transformed into professionals who in the right spirit can be termed “corporate ready”. MBA is a stage for developing place ability skills but a lot depends on student’s interest in absorbing every bit of knowledge gained with utmost humility. Flexible intelligence, networking, learning to perform against all odds are developed-A 360 degree churning of Attitude Skill and Knowledge!

I have come across people who stagnated in their workplace merely because they did not have requisite Management qualification and they live life repenting that they did not do an MBA. Personality transformation is the best bet for an MBA. Choice of B School matters, stand alone B Schools make a difference as they provide focused infusion of gyan that benefits and grooms the students. At ITM we have a natural flow of companies asking for providing students to reputed organisations, this is owing to our presence for the past two decades as a quality institution. Students with positive attitude, interest, hardworking nature, grit and determination can shine during MBA and are chosen targets for corporate. One word of caution that MBA aspirants need to bear in mind is while you scout for good B schools don’t target them to be a placement agency, but an education provider who can build your career graph.

“MBA is good for me” will stand a reality if you are willing to give your 100 percent dedication in the transformation you go through, the value you create for your own self through the continuous two years learning and aligning your learning to your cherished goal of building your career and life.

Best Wishes for making the right choice for a prosperous career!

Dr. Lakshmi Mohan

Campus Head

ITM Business School, Chennai