It is true

As you enter into the last term of your MBA, there is a tendency to start reminiscing and somehow when I started doing that, the first thing that I recollected was actually the interviews I faced before finally being a part of FORE. And truly there are things that I almost laugh out at now, when I think of all the interview I’ve given since then and I can’t help but think a simple thing – there are few basic things about an MBA that are extremely clichéd, but true beyond a doubt. So I sat down, and penned a few of these extremely clichéd truths –

1. If you pen down marketing as your majors in the interview form, even while getting into an MBA college or rather especially when getting into an MBA college at least one (most probably more than one) interviewer is always going to ask you to “ sell them this pen” (for more details please see Wolf of the Wall Street).

2. No matter what your background education is (the usual Engineering, B.Com or Economics Honours or the diverse English/Physics honours), the interviewers know it all, will ask about it all and question you more than the university papers ever did.

3. There is always that one interviewer who refuses to smile no matter how charming you may be or act.

4. Case studies and power point presentations are the biggest reality of MBA. You may be a computer illiterate when you join and end MBA but you will still be able to make a ppt in your sleep after this 2 year course and know how to skim through a 32 page long case study in 15 minutes to sound as if you read the whole thing

5. No matter how passionate you are about the majors you choose there is always going to be that one subject/teacher who is going to make you question your choice… don’t get scared!!

6. MBA parties are …. Legendary, if you allow them to be. Be a part of the crowd and remember that when you work a 9 hour a day schedule in studying stuff you don’t always understand, the parties really allow you to let go. Make sure you do it then.

7. You will, at least once in the course of 2 years end up in a team you do not like, where you think no one works except you and you will be miserable in that subject. Just remember to bear it, give your best work and take it is as a part of the experience.

8. There is a fixed font size and style in which you give reports- don’t get creative and aesthetic here.

9. Wikipedia is never the right reference source.

These are just some thoughts, much more happens in these 2 years…. But the best thing is… it’s an experience worth having.