Love is in the air all where…..Boyfriends have started scratching their heads again thinking how to get rid of spending money. Gals have started mulling on how to make their boyfriends spend more and what is the thing which they should ask their boyfriend on this valentine. All the guys across the country become tense in the month of Feb as it brings with itself a little of love and oodles of spending on gals. Budget for this month is already out of hands and this is making them nuts. Hug day, Kiss day, Cholocate day, teddy bear day,rose day and so on……I seriously feel pity on guys who have girlfriends. Guys are just blaming cupid for giving them a Heart for which they are now paying so heavily. What for…….Just to keep their hearts beeping for the same girl. And if he does not do anything on Valentines Day then the remarks and criticism which he will be receiving from his girlfriend will be more powerfull than the impact of Atom Bomb which was dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima by America. First of all the silent war or cold war will happen for a few days and then the guy will have to spend again to woo her girlfriend back. So it is better to spend money on Valentines itself as he is not left with any other option but spending. Girls feel lucky in the second week of Feb as they have got the freedom to ask for gifts and it becomes righteous too to ask for anything from their boyfriend. Chocolates, roses and teddy bears are the things which girls have already received till Valentines. Because of all these so called love festivals, even the rates of Roses and price of teddy bears become exorbitant. I remember last to last years story of mine(When I too had a gf), I was in my MBA in delhi and thought of presenting a Bouquet to my gf as that was the first Valentines together for us. So I went to buy a bouquet for her on the eve of 13th feb. And the sky rocketing price of single rose blew my mind up. Anyhow I managed for a Bouquet by spending some 600-700 bucks. But the thing which matter is our Love, and can not we spend some money to keep our love happy. What if I am spending few thousands of those useless paper for the happiness of the one whom I love. Money can be made again but How to get the girl again who stole your heart when you once saw her first time. Anyways guys are so benevolent……can not they spend a few on their own girlfriends…..Why not….I have always done it and know thay all the Guys are also same like all the girls are……! ! ! ! !

To Be Continued…….Read Part II for the rest of the part

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