ISM Dhanbad student missing for 8 days, police still clueless

On December 21, 2015, Mrs Varsha Bharat Jagtap filed a
missing person report at Pune Government Railway Police (GRP) for her son
Anurag Jagtap. In the last eight days, the Pune GRP has transferred the case to
the Howrah GRP,  The Howrah GRP claims to
be working on the case, but has no clue about Anurag’s whereabouts.

Anurag Jagtap, an Indian School of Mines (ISM) Dhanbad
student, was scheduled to travel from Howrah Junction to his hometown Pune on
December 18, when he went missing. Prof Chandan Bhar, Dean of Student Welfare
at ISM, told PaGaLGuY, “We were informed about this situation when Mrs Jagtap
called us asking for help. Before the institute could file a missing person
report, she had already filed one.”

Generally, students do not need any prior permission from
the institute to travel out of town during holidays. “Anurag left ISM on
December 18 to spend his vacations in Pune. We are asking our students to track
and get any information about Anurag by using social media,” said Prof Bhar.

Anurag’s friends and family have been asking the police for
updates about the investigation. They want to make sure that the police is
looking at every possible data that could help in finding Anurag, like tracking
his mobile phone or checking the CCTV footage at Howrah Junction. 

PaGaLGuY inquired with the Howrah GRP if CCTV footage had
been checked to get any information. The GRP officials responded, “Our
investigation is still in process. We are going through the CCTV footage but we
cannot give any update at present. We will inform the parents as soon as we get
a lead.”

PaGaLGuY also asked Prof Bhar if the Howrah GRP or any other
GRP has tried to get in touch with the institute on this matter. He said, “We
have not been approached by anybody as of yet, our only sources of information
are our students. Nonetheless we are ready to help as and when required.”

PaGaLGuY wrote about Anurag’s case last week. Our previous
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