Is it yours – III???

 Happy Go Lucky

It was 2:15 p.m., Sunday when I along with my friend Swar saw a different color of happiness. It was meeting of we six students

for our upcoming college event. So we had gone for a meeting at Sabarmati River front, Ahmedabad .

Meeting started on time can be said when meeting scheduled on 2 p.m. starts with. “Hey, how are you?” at 2:45 p.m.

Well, so we two after having heavy lunch on Sunday were waiting for rest four. My thirst of water made us to buy water. When we were reaching to the stall (an icebox on small plastic stool), we saw two youngsters aging 9 to 12 years were playing cricket with little broken Bat and Ball. After looking us coming a boy to another “Ruk aata hu” (Wait, I am coming) and came to us, “how many pouches do you want ma’am?” I looked at Swar thinking that he would say how many pouches we may want. But he was as usual romancing with his camera; seriously I don’t know what he does with camera when he is not clicking the photos. So certainly he didn’t reply and

I : 4 !!! And give them from bottom.

Boy : yes ma’am! Don’t worry all are chilled.

(Swar started laughing on me and I realized that he was noticing everything so far but at safer side I ignored him and his laugh)

The boy took plastic bag and started to fill it by water pouches with counting 1,2,…,5,6… and I joined him; 7 right?

Now 8,9…. Suddenly he vacated the bag. I asked why he did so. He said with smirk, I will fill it again, you count with me from starting, see 1,2,…..

I said we trust you. There was no need of repeating the task. He smiled and said it’s okay ma’am.

During this whole conversation Swar was clicking the pictures of this and that and here and there. While giving the plastic bag to me the boy said thank you and I said thank you while giving money.

As we left from there he resumed playing cricket and I had no idea about what strike in Swar’s mind, he started capturing that boy and as that boy saw that he was being clicked, he began to give poses. He was telling to Swar, Ek aur Ek aur (One more click)!!!. After looking the enthusiasm in his every action, I was feeling as if after Sachin’s retirement this boy was going to hit upcoming matches with resounding achievements. He was about to fall down on street on sunny noon because of hurry and wobbly slippers but the spark didn’t vanish from his face.

And finally the photo clicked by the photographer known as “Mast Chhe”. Swar showed thumps up and I said bye to that sparkling boy. While going back to the meeting point as usual my friend was busy with his camera and I was discussing him about that boy and his keenness for life. We conferred at that age he was earning, playing and enjoying his life at the best. He was living in present. His problems became lighter in front of his spirit towards life and his honesty makes him more luminous.

Photo Courtesy : Kishan Kumar Chauhan

Byline : By Ruchita Jain, Student for life time